Urban heat island effect: From influencing factors identification to mitigating strategies

Chair:  Jian Peng,  (jianpeng@urban.pku.edu.cn)
Miaomiao  Xie,  (xiemiaomiao@cugb.edu.cn)
Zhaowu  Yu  (zhyu@ign.ku.dk)
Yanxu  Liu,  (yanxuliu@bnu.edu.cn)

Short  Description:
Urban heat island (UHI) refers to the phenomenon of urban temperatures being higher than those in rural surroundings. As it can potentially affect human health, UHI effect is one of the key topics in Urban Ecology. In the past decades, various case studies have been conducted to monitoring spatio-temporal dynamics of UHI and associated influencing factors. However, the independent contributions of UHI influencing factors still need to be clarified, and accurately mitigating strateges are far more required in achieving urban sustainability.
The cutting-edge knowledge on indices and methods to distinguish the contributions of the causative factors and mitigation pathways of UHI will be highlighted in this session. The topics of the session include but are not limited to: (1) distinguishing the contributions of UHI causative factors; (2) quantifying the relationship between UHI and urban sustainability; (3) identifying UHI mitigation -based urban ecological security patterns; (4) exploring the UHI mitigating strategies from landscape patch to network to better guide urban climate adaption planning. The session aims to provide valuable insights for UHI attribution and UHI adaptation-oriented urban planning and design to enhance urban sustainability. All the related topics are warmly welcomed to promote the development of UHI study.