The Health Effects of Urban Green and Blue Infrastructure

Chair: Junxiang  Li, (
Co-chair:  Xinhu Li, (
                  Jun YANG, (
                  Caiyan WU,  (

Short  Description:
Green infrastructure (GI) and Blue infrastructure (BI) in urban environments can deliver a wide variety of ecosystem services such as recreational opportunities, water purification, biodiversity conservation, and climate resiliency. Because these servcies can potentially affect human health, GI and BI have emerged solely or together as hot topics in public helath management. However, what are the exact health effects of GI and BI need to be clarified and quantified.
The cutting-edge knowledge on indices and methods to assess the health effects of GI and/or BI will be highlighted and discussed in this session.  The topics of the session include but are no limited to: (1) the types of health effects of GI and/or BI; (2) the relationship and/or association of GI and/or BI to diseases such as cardiovarscular diseases, respiratory diseases, and etc. ; (3) the association of GI and/or BI with psychological disorders; (4) ways to assess the health effects of GI and/or BI. The session aims to provide valuable insights for public health management and health-oriented urban planning and design to enhance human well-beings and health benefits. Researchers and professionals from related disciplines are warmly welcomed to share their novel ideas and new findings in this venue.