What is and happens on the ground? Analysing and assessing urban ecosystem services of green spaces by using innovative data approaches

Chair: Angela Hof,  (angela.hof@sbg.ac.at)
Co-chair: Martina Artmann, (m.artmann@ioer.de)
                  Kerstin Krellenberg, (k.krellenberg@ioer.de)
Short  Description:
Urban green spaces (UGS) are crucial providers of ecosystem services such as recreation and microclimate regulation. For a meaningful assessment of urban ecosystem services, detailed information on UGS qualities on a site-scale are required, calling for data that deliver information about the demand of urban residents on UGS as well as ground-truth data on abiotic and biotic factors of UGS supply. In this regard, innovative geospatial data approaches are evolving that support the analysis and assessment of UGS in terms of ecosystem services supply and demand on a site-scale. We invite contributions that demonstrate concepts, applications and data-driven assessments of UGS such as:
  • Web-Apps for collecting and providing UGS data
  • wearable sensors or other spatially enabled and mobile devices for collecting UGS data with citizen involvement (demand-side),
  • open data (e.g., Open Street Map, Copernicus) for capturing site-scale UGS qualities (supply-side),
  • social media data for assessing ecosystems service supply and UGS perceptions of urban residents (demand)
The contributions may include, but are not limited to citizen science approaches. In particular, the session welcomes contributions that allow insights into the relational and place-based perspectives of people on ecosystem services.