Human-biodiversity interactions in cities

Chair:   Leonie Fischer (,
              Monika Egerer (,
              Tanja Straka (

Short Description:
To complement and further the discussions generated in our session “Managing for biodiversity conservation and positive human-wildlife interactions in cities” we propose to explore the topic in a lively discussion workshop between researchers and practitioners. There is often a disconnect between research and practice, particularly around biodiversity conservation and human values. In this workshop, we will investigate this topic from a socio-ecological angle to increase our understanding on the role of urban environments for species of conservation concern and on human-urban wildlife interactions. We will do so by considering how and why people interact with different species of mammals, insects and plants—such as the current discussion on supporting pollinators in cities—as well as what these interactions mean for the considered species. Ultimately, our goal is to promote co-existence and sharing the urban landscape.
The ideal outcome of this workshop would be to bring together researchers and practitioners who work on these topics, to establish new research ideas which could lead into national and international cooperations and to contribute to practicable solutions for urban planners and managers. We foresee that the workshop will produce multiple research partnerships across institutions—both academic and non-academic—as well as potentially a scientific paper.