Identification and integration of Ecosystem Services in Spatial Urban Planning in Coastal Areas

Chair: José Carlos Ferreira  (
Co-chair: Renato Monteiro, (

Short Description:
This workshop will focus on the identification of ecosystem services in a specific urban area – the case study – and their integration in spatial urban planning and will allow decision makers, technitians from public authorities, researchers, business owners and other elements of the comunity to understand the importance of ecological-base management to achieve a sustainable urban development.
Durantion: 1,5 h
Participants: 25 maximum
- Linking theoretical aspects of ecosystem services and urban green infrastructure planning with local policy practitioners and citizens;
- Understanding the spatial planning processes at the municipal level and propose ecological-base management measures to incorporate in master plans.
- Understannding the participatory processes and methodologies used in planning processes;
- Promote the community involvement and interaction during planning processes and engourage public participation.
Workshop Scenario:
  1. The participants will be organized in groups of four/five people in round tables and will be asked to identify all the ecosystem services provided in a specific urban area (case study). This activity will take around 15 minutes.
  2. After that, all groups are invited to present their results and all the answers are organized in a cloud. After all groups presentations, everyone votes on the five most important ecosystem services that should be taken into accont in the spatial planning process.
  3. After the voting, the groups are rearranged. Each group will be given an ecosystem service that was chosen and will propose regulatory measures to integrate it in the spatial planning.
  4. After that, all group present their results and a follow up debate of 15 minutes is conducted to understand everyone point of view.
Expected Outcomes:
With this workshop, participants will develop regulatory measures related to the effective integration of ecosystem services into spatial planning. All proposals will be discussed with the participants. Identify strategies for active community involvement through increasing literacy about ecosystem services