Urban green infrastructure planning and governance for better living: strategies and tools

Chair:  Stephan Pauleit, (pauleit@tum.de)
Co-chair: Martina van Lierop, (martina.van-lierop@tum.de)
                   Teresa Zölch, (Teresa.zoelch@muenchen.de)
                  Sabrina Erlwein, (sabrina.erlwein@tum.de)

Short  Description:
Urban green infrastructure can make a major contribution towards more livable, sustainable and climate resilient cities. Yet, its early implementation in planning processes remains scarce and is often hampered by institutional barriers, lack of collaboration and lack of suitable supporting tools for planners. This session aims to explore the potential of transdisciplinary approaches and tools to plan and implement green infrastructure in city regions at different scales. The session invites talks that present and reflect on approaches such as living labs from the perspective of practitioners and researchers that are involved in landscape design and urban planning. It welcomes contributions investigating collaborative planning for a better integration of different sectors of the public domain into the strategic planning of multifunctional green infrastructure at and across different scales, highlighting conflicts and considerations in urban planning processes and strategies how to solve them. Moreover, the session aims to explore how formal as well as informal instruments can be skillfully combined for fostering urban green infrastructure. Not least, the potential of citizen-led urban greening initiatives merits particular attention.
The session will consist of talks and a joint discussion.