Urban green infrastructure planning for climate adaptation: tools and data for decision-support

Chair: Stephan Pauleit, (pauleit@tum.de)
Co-chair: Martina van Lierop, (martina.van-lierop@tum.de)
                 Teresa Zölch, (Teresa.zoelch@muenchen.de)
                 Sabrina Erlwein, (sabrina.erlwein@tum.de)

Short  Description:
Urban green infrastructure can make a major contribution towards more livable, sustainable and climate resilient cities. Yet, its early implementation in planning processes remains scarce and is often hampered by institutional barriers, lack of collaboration and lack of suitable supporting tools for planners. This session builds on the first session on governance and planning processes for urban green infrastructure and puts a special focus on tools and data needed to support urban planning decisions for climate adaptation via green infrastructure.
Often decisions for its implementation depend on a weighing up of various interests of urban planning. To strengthen the positive effects of vegetation for climate regulation quantified and visualized evidence is needed. 
In this session there is space to present and discuss tools and data formats transporting the benefits of urban green infrastructure for climate resilient urban development from science to decision-makers. The session invites talks that present approaches at different urban scales, for different climate change impacts such as heat and heavy rain and with a clear focus on the applicability of the tools and data in urban planning processes. A final joint discussion will reflect on the contributions of the tools and data to improve the implementation of urban green infrastructure for climate resilient cities.