Smart city development and big data application in urban ecology

Chair:  Tao Lin (
Co-chair:  Fabien Pfaender  (
                  Mingming Hu  (

Short  Description:
City has become the major habitat for humanity in the early 21st century and the urbanization trend in the world will keep increasing in the following decades. in this context, sustainable urbanization plays the most important role to realize the sustainable development at global and regional scale. With the development of computer science and internet communication technology (ICT), Smart City and Big data application play an increasingly important  role in urban sustainale development and are reshaping the urban form and functions, as well as the human behaviors in city.
Urban ecology takes cities as human and environment coupled system to study how the human change the natural ecosystems in or surrounding the cities meanwhile how the nature ecosytems sustain the human lifes and development. Obviously, the Smart City techniques and bigdata application are highly related to the urban ecology and many mature technology in urban ecological study such as Geogorahpycial Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS), and ecologocal models are very popular in Smart City and Big data apllication. The development of Smart city construction and big data application will enrich the theories and methodologies of urban ecosystem researches.
In this session, multidisciplinary researchers and experts will be asked to present and discuss the lastest development of Smart City construction, Big data application technology and pilot studies in the world, exploring the potential cooperations between Ecologial City and Smart City.
Main topics of the session are:
  • What are the frontier applications of Big data in Smart City development, especially in ecological city construction practices?
  • How to integrate the Smart city techniques and Big data into urban ecosystem researches?
  • How Smart city development and Big data techniques impact the urban ecological researches?
  • What are the hotpots of Smart city techniques and Big data application in current and future urban ecological study?
  • What can the urban ecologist do for Smart City development?
  • Case study and useful tool introduction and communication of Big data application in urban ecosystem researches, and what is the main challenges for Big data application in urban ecology?