How to enable Nature-Based Solutions for urban water management: a socio-ecological approach

Chair: Kinga Krauze, (
Co-chair: Mihai Adamescu, (

Short  Description:
Nature-Based Solutions are actions copied from or inspired by nature, which are supposed to operate efficiently at low environmental costs, simultaneously promoting biodiversity, and stimulating circular economy, awareness building and establishing a consensus over resource uses among various stakeholder groups. Particularly in cities they are believed to be a remedy to wicked problem of water management – demand to restore water cycle and climate regulation services under increasing pressure on landscape and undervalued insurance role of ecosystems. Importantly high expectations towards urban NBS often ignore the fact that to provide any solutions, nature must also be served with water, space, time and societal acceptance.
The session aims at presenting the system approaches to wicked problems of urban water management, which use as vectors societal and/or ecological and / or hybrid ecological and technical solutions. We would like to open a floor to presentation of cases that demonstrate both strengths and weaknesses of  chosen approaches and allow discussing:
1. Quantification of insurance role of ecosystems and its demonstration;
2. Mechanisms enabling NBS implementation and efficiency in densely populated areas;
3. Ways to reconcile  monetary and non-monetary benefits from nature;
4. NBS thresholds and risk management in either of or both societal and environmental realms.