What is the nature of nature-based solutions?

Chair:  Marcus Collier  (marcus.collier@tcd.ie)
Co-chair: to be decided

Short  Description:
The current push to incorporate nature-based solutions into urban planning and city-making gives rise to many questions and concerns over scale and effectiveness. Connecting Nature is one of the Horizon 2020 projects that is addressing these and other key questions and is progressing the nature-based solution approach to a global market. It is an opportune time to take stock and examine the many new, emerging questions with regard to the mainstreaming of the nature-based solution approach. What exactly do we mean by ‘nature’ in nature-based solutions, what nature are we talking about, and what is the role of the urban ecologist in the nature-based solution arena? Further, how can citizens collaborate and co-design biodiverse urban green spaces. This session will explore the role that biodiversity, co-creation and innovation may have in the new urban planning and what ecological innovations may result from scaling nature-based solutions citywide.